Online Virtual Sessions

People today utilize technology that provides them with greater mobility and flexibility. Therefore, at times I find myself working with clients who live outside my local area or who are unable to come to my office. And that’s why I decided to include virtual, online hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions to the services I offer. It’s quite similar to the telehealth visits your traditional medical provider uses.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Hypnosis?

There are many benefits to having your sessions virtually.

  • You no longer have to worry about travel time, traffic, weather, or taking additional time off of work, thus saving you time.
  • It’s Convenient! Perhaps you are traveling on vacation, for business, or you are home for the holidays. You don’t have to worry and can continue any planned sessions from your location.
  • Not everyone can get to the office, either because of a physical condition or for other reasons.
  • It’s Comfortable. You can participate in your sessions in the comfort and safety of your home, or whatever location you happen to be.
  • Virtual sessions have been found, in most cases, to be as effective as in-person hypnosis session.

How Private is the Virtual Session?

Regardless if you work with me in person or virtually, your information is private, confidential, and safe.

I use a Skype-like video conferencing platform that is HIPPA compliant, much like your healthcare provider uses to maintain your privacy and the security of your information.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Here is what you will need:

  • A desktop or laptop computer with a webcam.
  • A headset or earbuds and a microphone.
  • A stable high-speed, broadband internet connection.
  • A comfortable, supportive chair where you can relax and still be visible on the webcam.


In addition to the above equipment, you must be in an environment that is safe, secure and where you will not be disturbed during our sessions.

Once your session is booked, I’ll forward a checklist to help you prepare.

All virtual sessions must be prepaid.


Hypnosis Mind Works offers free consultations. For virtual sessions, the consultation will include an evaluation of your computer set up to ensure it’s appropriate for our session.

Please schedule a free consultation to find out if hypnosis, and if a virtual session is appropriate for you.