Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

ONE SESSION, Guaranteed.


  • Stop Smoking for once and for all!
  • Finally Quit Chewing
  • Vaping? No More!
  • Marijuana? Done with that!

Who is this for?

Anyone who want to stop smoking, vaping or chewing.

These days, it’s next to impossible to smoke and feel good about it. Yeah, I know…your brain tells you that you enjoy it…but do you really?

Do you really enjoy:

  • Burning up your money? Not just directly, but think about the extra cleaning and replacing clothing and furniture that has been burned. Or the increase in the cost of life and health insurance?
  • Worrying about your health? What are you doing to your body? You know it affects your lungs, your heart, your mouth. You already know people die much earlier, usually after a prolonged illness.
  • Worrying about your looks? Yep…tobacco use breaks down skin collagen and thus we tend to look older when we use tobacco. What about your fingers…are they stained?
  • Worrying about being there for your loved ones?
  • Worrying about the health of your children and pets? Yep…they are impacted many times over from your habit.
  • Worrying about being out with friends and family and NOT being able to use tobacco?

If you are sick and tired…then perhaps it’s time to finally quit…I mean really, finally quit.

Reasons You May Want to Quit Smoking:

  • Save thousands of dollars

  • Add years to your life

  • Breathe easier

  • Handle stress better

  • Restore your energy

  • Smell the world around you better

  • Smell better yourself

  • Boost your self esteem

  • Eliminate the shame of smoking

  • Be more attractive to romantic partners

  • Set less accidental fires

  • Hypnosis doesn’t have any side effects

  • Experience comfort with zero withdrawal

  • Improve your physical experience

  • Enjoy a healthier heart and lungs

  • Get your loved ones off your back

  • No more coughing up a lung in the morning

  • Not freeze in the winter

  • You won’t have to replace it with other bad habits

  • Maintain your weight easily

  • Reduce the risk of major disease

  • Exercise more comfortably

  • Not having to plan ahead when traveling

  • Reduce the risk to others with 2nd hand smoke

How does this work?

This program uses a variety of techniques to help facilitate the change you wish to make.


Hypnosis and Neuroscience comes together. Through fMRI studies, we can now see what areas of the brain light up during hypnosis. But what does that mean for you? Well, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that can facilitate the desired change in behavior.

My favorite defintition explains it a bit better.

“Hypnosis is a focused experience of attentional absorption that invites people to respond experientially on multiple levels to amplify and utilize their personal resources in a goal-directed fashion.” (Yapko, 2019).

Holistic Integrative Hypnotherapy

Integrative Hypnotherapy is a blending of theory, techniques, and processes that find their basis in Neural Linguistic Programing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Health Coaching and of course my extensive education and experience as a Nurse Practitioner. Together they anchor and rapidly assist individuals in converting limiting beliefs, bad habits, and negative behaviors into positive ways of living and being.

Smoker Awareness Education

An informed consumer is a wise consumer. Many people who smoke/chew/vape began when they were children or teens. At that point in life, we had little interest or awareness of the lifetime effects of smoking on physical development, the emotional ability to self-regulate, or the perception of a modern health-conscious society.

Our Written Service Guarantee: The Best in the Business!

Upon completion of a client’s paid program, there will be absolutely no additional charges in the rare event that a future session is required.  This means if you ever smoke or have a craving to smoke (chew, or vape), just call and you will be treated again…for FREE.

We are 100% committed to supporting our clients to remains free from tobacco products for the rest of their long and healthy lives.

(How can I afford to give aways free sessions for life? It’s simple…less than 5% of my clients ever require a second session).

Ready to be free for once and for all?

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